Throughout 2017, I have a the creative drive to explore, with an attitude of WONDER, 12 Attitudes of Abundance, or Abundatudes. The Abundatudes are like tools used to align you with the vibration of your core desired feelings in order to manifest ABUNDANCE. 

Unequivocally, Abundance equals MORE THAN ENOUGH.  You desire MORE of what makes you feel good.

By taking a really good look at what you WANT and becoming more intimate with your desires, you begin to uncover the feelings behind those desires.  When the desired feeling is closely examined, explored and approached with an attitude of playful wonder, you start to feel your actions, decisions and goals shift toward this desired feeling.  This is where it gets exciting...

Once you tune to the frequency to the desired feeling, and your actions and intentions start to pivot and micro-adjust, you'll feel a shift in your reality.  The high vibration feeling you've invited to permeate your being starts to actually allow for and attract more of that feeling to your life.  You start to step into and acknowledge your ABUNDANT TRUTH. 

Scarcity and Lack do not get to control and infect your spirit with fear and ambiguity. Rather, you tap into





and abundance

The seed of abundance is desire. 

This is where you start. 

Sometimes you have to start with what you DON'T WANT to get a clearer feeling of what you DO WANT. 

But it starts with pure DESIRE.