I remember a recurring dream from my childhood and so on throughout various other times in my life.  I was in the neighbor's front yard. There were four houses strung together. Friends and my community. I could be at any given home playing on any given day and at any given time.  I freely roamed the neighborhood like the boss I was;)

In the dream, I am re-learning how to fly.  The feeling is that I know how to do it but I have to walk myself through the steps.
They are:

Turn your focus inward

Gather a flaming red ball of light in your belly
Let the ball of light burn and grow until an explosive energy burns inside of you
Summon all of your power and connect with the burning ball within
Explode outward
Jump as high as you can
Jump again

any you'll start to float down a little gentler
soar a touch higher
until you suspend there at a new and better angle
After hovering a while and getting used to the feeling
You stretch the light energy 

pushing it out from your fingers and toes
as you start to glide
gently twisting
definitely soaring

There are times to go inward and gather the light.  Simmer and feed the flaming red ball, gather its strength until it is needed once again.  This energy that is available to us to manifest and create abundance our lives.



I also want to have a dream like this. I am going to cherish this for sure. I also want to learn how to fly. You know how to do it, but you have to do it step by step. Everything needs to be done in step by step because you cannot do anything right away. Learning to fly is one of the things that I want to do in my real life.

10/24/2017 4:58am

Flying is also my biggest dream as a kid. I remember that I used to pretend like a bird using some old stuffs in our attic. Until now, I still believe that I am capable of flying on my own some day. Just kidding! Flying like in a way of soaring to the sky because I finally achieve my goals in life. That's how I see flying now. Right now, I'm in the process of testing my own capabilities. I'm still far from taking the risk of flying and spreading my wings to fly.

08/02/2017 6:46am

Hmm, okay. I will try that. I hope that your tips will work out well in the end.

09/02/2017 3:09am

This energy helps us a lot in creating! It can help us in changing our life!

11/19/2017 1:16pm

I enjoy flying in my dreams. But these dreams are pretty rare, unfortunately.


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