Deck : Mythical Goddess Tarot (Sage Holloway/author and Katherine Skaggs/ artist) Star Chalice Sisters Publishing / www.starchalicesisters.com   

How can I show up in the most authentic way today? How can I show up in my most authentic alignment?

5 of cups, today is the 5 of seas/cleansing card in the  Mythical Goddess Deck .   Robin Wood's deck taught me, "don't cry over split milk", the robed stranger is a bit of a self-pity monger.  The card may be asking me to look at the two full cups at my feet rather than the three that spilled on the ground.  Perhaps optimism? No Sadness...Guilt...Grief. 5 of seas, however, reminds me it is time to let go of the sadness, grief and guilt that doesn't serve me and my highest and best alignment with the Universe.  The emotional storms I am so familiar with may be the mechanism to cleanse these feelings of sadness, grief and guilt from my heart so that I may move forward... or through ...or within what is happening, presently, in my life. 

7 of disks, or earth, is my birth card. It turns up to remind me to be who I was born to be. I get the feeling though, I shouldn't have to live with failure for what could have become fruitful in my life. Rather, look toward the next season, the next crop. She reaps what she sews, is another understanding from Robin Wood, which is my daily deck.  Bountiful harvest comes from constant work and attention to the crop.
Tending my garden,
self care,
looking forward.
Taking care of the light inside me and doing what must be done to keep it bright.

3 of wands, another favorite to show up in my readings, is now fire.  Goddess De-Light, it reads on the bottom of the card.  I am reminded to stay light.  I  value an approach that can greet the day with an attitude of playful wonder. Passion ignited with laughter and joy. An attitude of expectancy read from the Robin Wood deck with a dash of play found in the Mythical Goddess card. 
joyfulness in the moment. 
Upper Deck:  Mythical Goddess Tarot (Sage Holloway/author and Katherine Skaggs/ artist) Star Chalice Sisters Publishing / www.starchalicesisters.com 
Lower Deck: Robin Wood Tarot Deck  http://www.robinwood.com/Catalog/Books/BookPages/RWTDeck.html 
Throughout 2017, I have a the creative drive to explore, with an attitude of WONDER, 12 Attitudes of Abundance, or Abundatudes. The Abundatudes are like tools used to align you with the vibration of your core desired feelings in order to manifest ABUNDANCE. 

Unequivocally, Abundance equals MORE THAN ENOUGH.  You desire MORE of what makes you feel good.

By taking a really good look at what you WANT and becoming more intimate with your desires, you begin to uncover the feelings behind those desires.  When the desired feeling is closely examined, explored and approached with an attitude of playful wonder, you start to feel your actions, decisions and goals shift toward this desired feeling.  This is where it gets exciting...

Once you tune to the frequency to the desired feeling, and your actions and intentions start to pivot and micro-adjust, you'll feel a shift in your reality.  The high vibration feeling you've invited to permeate your being starts to actually allow for and attract more of that feeling to your life.  You start to step into and acknowledge your ABUNDANT TRUTH. 

Scarcity and Lack do not get to control and infect your spirit with fear and ambiguity. Rather, you tap into





and abundance

The seed of abundance is desire. 

This is where you start. 

Sometimes you have to start with what you DON'T WANT to get a clearer feeling of what you DO WANT. 

But it starts with pure DESIRE. 

I remember a recurring dream from my childhood and so on throughout various other times in my life.  I was in the neighbor's front yard. There were four houses strung together. Friends and my community. I could be at any given home playing on any given day and at any given time.  I freely roamed the neighborhood like the boss I was;)

In the dream, I am re-learning how to fly.  The feeling is that I know how to do it but I have to walk myself through the steps.
They are:

Turn your focus inward

Gather a flaming red ball of light in your belly
Let the ball of light burn and grow until an explosive energy burns inside of you
Summon all of your power and connect with the burning ball within
Explode outward
Jump as high as you can
Jump again

any you'll start to float down a little gentler
soar a touch higher
until you suspend there at a new and better angle
After hovering a while and getting used to the feeling
You stretch the light energy 

pushing it out from your fingers and toes
as you start to glide
gently twisting
definitely soaring

There are times to go inward and gather the light.  Simmer and feed the flaming red ball, gather its strength until it is needed once again.  This energy that is available to us to manifest and create abundance our lives.

Creative Flow. 

I engage my creative energies to experience flow. 

For me, flow is that time and space where ideas pop and a design comes together and represents what I was really trying to say or the feeling I was hoping to get across. 

Flow feels like movement towards spirit. 

Flow feeds the meter.

Flow is energizing, not exhausting. 

When I've created something, I am confident that I have lived the highest version of myself that day.